Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Year That Was

I find that "best of year" lists are hard to compile, for various reasons. First, some albums are hard to pin into a specific year. You have some that are technically released the year before, but only via an extremely limited means, and re-released the following year with better distribution. Or you have a case that was presented by Radiohead (with In Rainbows), where the album was released online in 2007, but was technically not given a street date until 2008. Then there's the fact that albums are released all throughout the year, which means that you're given months and months to analyze some, and only a month or less for others. This also creates the potential for a skewed list, as a release in early January might be near and dear to your heart for a time, but eventually put on the back burner in favor of something else. On the flip side, there might be an album released in November that will really hit you initially, but wouldn't be on your list if you were to compile it a few months later. I guess, when it comes down to it, these lists don't really serve a tremendous purpose. We're not curing cancer here. What we're doing is trying to make sense of the year that was, and, at least for me, making a list like this helps with that.


What Laura Says-Thinks And Feels


The Black Keys-Attack & Release


My Morning Jacket-Evil Urges


Okkervil River-The Stand Ins


J. Tillman-Vacilando Territory Blues


Conor Oberst-Conor Oberst


A.A. Bondy-American Hearts


Ryan Adams & The Cardinals-Cardinology


Bon Iver-For Emma, Forever Ago


Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes


John said...

I love that AA Bondy album but I considered it to be from last year so I didn't put it on my list. But damn, that's a good album.

I Am Booya said...

Its so weird to see album covers for new albums. I guess it would help if I bought them but actually it might hurt the environment because what if a dolphin gets hit by a Yanni cd case? Then Yanni would have to give the dolphin mouth to mouth (as he's trained himself to do with dolphins) till the little porpoise breath became the lesbo of the sea again.