Thursday, February 26, 2009

Road Trip!

I'm leaving for San Francisco today. I really love road trips. There's just something about being on the open road with people you love while listening to great music. Here's a list of albums that, when I think about them, I'm immediately reminded of a road trip I once took:

Bright Eyes-Cassadaga (driving from Salt Lake City to Denver, April of 2007)

The New Amsterdams-Story Like A Scar (driving from Salt Lake City to Phoenix, June of 2006)

No Motiv-And The Sadness Prevails...(driving around the Los Angeles area, January of 2002)

Fenix Tx-Fenix Tx (driving from Las Vegas to St. George, Utah, August 2001)

Dashboard Confessional-The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most (driving from St. George, Utah to Salt Lake City, August 2001)


John said...

I was on some of those trips! Those were pretty monumental.

rodbrown said...

i was on those trips too although jan of 02 was elva for me remember that tater found that copy at down on haley before it was released. that was before the internets made it so easy to steal music. member the van we drove to cal.

Jonny P said...

Haha the Wangmobile!