Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Quiet Beatle

When someone is called underrated as many times as George Harrison has been over the years, could he possibly still be underrated? In his case, my answer is an emphatic YES! Truth be told, the first Beatles song that really stuck with me was a Harrison original, Something from Abbey Road. As I was obsessed with John Lennon at the time, I assumed for a long while that it was his song, and was surprised to find that it was in fact not. Over the years, I've grown attached to many of his songs (Think For Yourself, Long Long Long, Taxman, among others). What really stands out to me about him is that his songs aren't, for the most part, attention grabbers, but they're the type of songs that you notice after a few listens of the album. You think "Hey, wait a minute, this song is really good. How come I didn't notice it before?" It's just proof that The Beatles were a once-in-a-lifetime group, a band of incredibly talented individuals who formed the best collaborative of all time.

Something (solo version)

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